The Goal
    of Encuestanos.com

The goal of Encuestanos.com is to join US Hispanics and Latinos who represent all the various Latin countries around the world to provide the market research industry with the highest quality opinions possible. By joining Encuestanos.com, together we will enable some of the largest companies in the world to conduct research through survey-based studies about what is important to Hispanics and Latinos. As a member of Encuestanos.com, you have the opportunity to share your opinions with market researchers via online surveys and be compensated in cash for your completed responses.
Hispanics and Latinos Paid Surveys

Encuestanos.com has united with GlobalTestMarket.com!

GMI, the parent company to both Encuestanos.com and GlobalTestMarket.com, has combined these communities to ensure you will continue to have a vital voice as a US Hispanic, but now you will be offered more opportunities and rewards!

We want to sincerely thank our loyal Encuestanos.com members, and we hope you will continue to participate by joining the GlobalTestMarket community. We look forward to serving you as a part of the GlobalTestMarket program.

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